Welcome to K.I.D.S.

K.I.D.S is an educational charity set up in 2007 that acts as a plug-in service for local community projects focused on promoting youth independence and development through increased Knowledge, Independence and Development of Skills (K.I.D.S.).  We partner with individuals, schools and communities to create and deliver projects that support a child’s education and development.

KIDS has worked in Rosario, Argentina since 2007 helping children from disadvantaged backgrounds, remain in school and fostering their desire to learn.  K.I.D.S is very excited to announce it’s first project in Dublin 1 and a newly designed website is coming soon with full details showcasing the projects in Argentina and Dublin.

K.I.D.S. stands for Knowledge, Independence & Development of Skills

These programs are aimed at providing children with a sense of belonging, helping them develop their personal skills and assisting them to stay in school. KIDS program aims are to reduce the number of children who leave school early and to support children in their own personal development.


A sincere THANKS to Phil and Ailis from Veritas for the production of this video

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